Anker Marine offers full service repair and installation on a variety of mechanical systems including engine, generator, refrigeration, air conditioning & heating, sanitization, electrical and electronic equipment. To stay on top of the latest technology and recommended repair techniques our staff regularly attends training seminars.

The companies engineering section has authorised concessions for the servicing of almost every marine engines with the support of a fully equipped workshop have had many years experience working on all makes of marine engines.

The electrians at AMS can diagnose and repair faults in either DC or AC

circuitry. Full rewiring of boats can also be undertaken if required.

Plumbing systems can be designed and fitted. Any holding tanks that are necessary can be manufactured in our metal workshop.

Our Specialities;

  • Engine overhaul
  • Servicing and repair of generators.
  • Servicing propulsion systems including propellers.
  • Upgrading and replacement of steering systems.
  • Fuel pumps and injectors maintenance and repair
  • Electrical & Battery Systems
  • Fitting battery charger and invertor
  • Investigating and correcting electrolysis problems.
  • Plumbing and sanitary systems installations & repairs
  • Servicing and replaceing seacocks and all old pipe work
  • Mobile service to dockside or mooring
  • Auxillary machines


Rigging Service

AMS rigging department offers roller swaging as well as traditional talurite swaging, with a service to match any other. Our rigging service is available for jobs of all size, from making up short strops to complete re-rigging and from rope splicing to outfitting pubs! We are able to work with many sizes of wire and would be happy to quote for any requirements.


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