AMS will assess each job with the client to ascertain the amount of work involved and agree on materials required. A fixed price contract will then be drawn up and every attempt will be made to adhere to the terms. If it becomes unfortunately necessary to reevaluate due to unexpected findings whilst the work is in progress, AMS will cost the additional work and inform the client who will then have the opportunity to instruct AMS on what action to take.



Clearly not all work on boats is amenable to fixed pricing in the first instance. This is particularly so when evaluating work required on specialist boats such as wooden classics, where it might become necessary to undertake exploratory work to reveal the true extent of the problem. In addition special materials/fittings might have to be sourced or manufactured to maintain the character of the boat.


Work contracted to AMS. is covered by the company’s warranty which gives a guarantee for the quality of the work and materials used.

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